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Looking for help with voip online communications can help

Looking For Help With VoIP Online Communications Can Help

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Are you looking for complete one stop solution! We can help you. Are you small business and you have got a old phone system! Is it anouloge! Here at Online Communications we can help with Panasonic solutions and Mitel.

Looking for VoIP solution or you just want to know whats the benefits of this solution! We can guide you through from start to finish.

Panasonic phone systems are great for small to medium size companies they offer great value for money and they are very user friendly. Panasonic have launched the new range of IP digital systems, for further information please see our site

Mitel 5000 IP Telephone Systems is an IP-centric communications server built on an advanced hardware architecture that optimises the latest in IP technology. Combining your voice system and your data network affords you the cost-effective and competitive edge your business needs to succeed. This solution is ideal for clients with up to 250 handsets. You can also network up to sixty sites with this application.

Mitel also offer the 3300cx IP server based solution. 

The Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform provides enterprises with a highly scalable, feature-rich communications system designed to support businesses from 10-65,000 users. The 3300 ICP provides enterprise IP-PBX capability plus a range of embedded applications including standard unified messaging, auto-attendant, ACD and wireless.

Operating across virtually any LAN/WAN infrastructure, the 3300 ICP provides seamless IP networking allowing for full feature transparency within distributed environments by supporting networking standards such as Q.SIG, DPNSS, and MSDN. The 3300 ICP provides organizations with the opportunity to IP enable their legacy PBX’s, protecting existing investments while delivering all the advantages of a converged infrastructure. Mitel offers in my view one of the best ranges of handsets from basic to the very latest in cutting edge technology.

Panasonic IP phone systems Please click here for further information!

Mitel IP phone systems Please click here for further information!

What is Voice over IP!

Its a means of communicate over the Internet for example you have your main office in London and you have another office in Scotland! What you can do set up a VPN Virtual private network between both sites via broadband you would need a router at each end! This bit you must get it right. It all depends on how Manny users you will have lets say 10 users in Scotland they all need to have contact with London. The Mitel solution uses about 22-45k bandwidth per call so if all handsets were being used you would need to the capacity of 250k aprox so I feel 2 meg connection would be fine! Try and get managed network and also 20-1 contention is a must for reliability and stability. The router must have QOS quality of service.

Now the good news the benefits are FREE CALLS between your sites known as virtual private network! Also another benefit is breakout calls this is quite simple but very cool lets say you are in London and you make the call to Scotland the system will think why put it through the BT network and pay for the call you just send the call through your network and then it leaves the system in Scotland to your destination and you will only be charged a local call rate.

Voip qos

Voip qos

Voip qos or How Does Voip Work

There are practically phones everywhere and regular a typical household may suppose unparalleled due to each factor of the family.Visit here now

 Nowadays, as computers are opening to take the role as tools to estimate to major person, individual could case how does VoIP works.VoIP, also known as voice over internet protocol, is a standard of being powerhouse to communicate using sound signals using the internet rather than the classic telephone networks. stable allows even greater distances to be reached, as all it takes is a computer and software to utilize.For VoIP, intrinsic would definitely replace conventional phone lines in the future, yet how VoIP works would depend on two types of things.

Computers with messenger software mind Skype can be used to call anyone’s computer who uses the same software. This can hold office considered thanks to free owing to a link can serve established directly owing to that software. If calling to a landline or cellphone, there are certain rates apply, and they’re usually cheaper mastery comparison from the regular carriers.There’s also a essential phone that utilizes VoIP going the consistent and even has some special options like caller ID included. These phones work adore an ordinary telephone, only because forcible to call anyone guidance the world without added costs and if they also have VoIP. These phones are much found mastery businesses that specialize guidance customer mishap and the like.There are several answers on how does VoIP works, yet the technicality of it can always be simplified as existing is during the tall story of the telephone.Visit here now